SFCC has a proud history of promoting our students work and achievements. The legacy of student work often finds our students effective members of the local, regional and national design community. 


Helveticahaus was formed not only to showcase the most revered font in the world, but also – and this is the really important thing – to inspire design students in the inland northwest.

What that means is that all Hh profits will go toward providing financial support for those earning graphic design degrees at Spokane Falls Community College – alma mater of Hh founders CK and Linda Anderson.

But it’s bigger than just those two. Applications are reviewed by a selection committee comprising design professionals, educators, and community leaders, each of whom appreciates the beauty of Helvetica, digs our stylin’ Tts, and believes in our mission.

This year’s winner



The Lawton Design Scholarship provides an opportunity for students to showcase their effort to the print, marketing, and design community of Spokane.

This project is to be used as an educational tool for the concept and execution of a variable print project. The students’ finished pieces will feature one template design that will be used to create three personalized pieces. Students will work through the process of designing a variable template and three iterations of it.

This year’s winners




The Inland Northwest American Advertising Awards Competition is the first level of a three-tiered national competition conducted annually by the American Advertising Federation (AAF). The American Advertising Awards Competition is open to any individual, company, or organization engaged in the creation of advertising. Gold and Silver awards may be awarded in each category of competition at the discretion of the judges. All local winners are forward to the District XI American Advertising Awards Competition.

The American Advertising Awards can be likened to the Oscar’s of our local advertising and marketing industry. Our organization focuses on education and career development for those pursuing careers in the arts, marketing and advertising; we support legislative representation on issues concerning our industry and we give back to our community. The American Advertising Awards’s recognize and award the best annual creative work in our region. The event brings together our community of artists – creative directors, art directors, designers, developers and more.

This year’s winners